St. Paul Preschool

Aubrey Mullen – Director
Savannah Sella – Assistant Director
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To provide a loving environment for children 2 years old – 8 years old of age, by offering developmentally age appropriate activities that stimulate physical, social, academics, emotional, and spiritual growth of children. While developing such aspect as fine and gross motor skills, problem solving, creative expressions, and positive social interactions, in a christian environment.


At St. Paul Preschool we provide developmentally age-appropriate activities that stimulate physical, cognitive, social, emotional, language, academic, and spiritual growth of all students and to enhance motor ability, problem solving, creative expression, independence, and positive social interactions in a warm Christian environment. Everything about our program is designed to provide the best possible care for students.

Our teachers provide guided, child-initiated activities that offer a wide range of opportunities for students to directly experience new ideas and construct their own learning experience.  As facilitators, we provide a safe, quality preschool while assisting students in meeting social, developmental, and academic milestones. The teachers at St. Paul Preschool encourage students to learn through their choices and self-exploration.

St. Paul Lutheran Preschool has been providing quality preschool education and childcare to the Kodiak Community for over 30 years.


Busy Bee ( 2 – 3  years old)

Students in this classroom explore participating in gross motor activities, along with learning how to self-care, and positive peer relationships. The teachers work with these students on communication; providing a structured and safe environment to develop social-emotional growth and sensory/ fine motor play. Students DO NOT need to be potty trained for this class.

Little Bears (3 – 4 years old)

This classroom introduces academics and focuses on healthy peer interactions while having fun. Students will have jobs such as a teacher’s helper and emphasizes cleaning up after themselves to prompt independence.

Happy Hoppers (4 – 5 years old)

Happy Hoppers are preparing for kindergarten with the introduction of letters, words, and numbers. Students will also be exposed to problems within the classroom and encouraged to problem solve independently and with peers to prompt teamwork.

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