LifeGroup Bible Study

April 12, 2024 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

LifeGroup is one of the MOST important things we do at St. Paul!  Simply put, LifeGroup is a group of people who consistently get together for the purpose of growing spiritually, developing relationships, and following Jesus.  These groups are a place where you can be yourself and find lifelong friends.  We believe everyone should be in one!

The Four Values of LifeGroups

Seek God:  This means that as a group we’re actively growing in our relationship with God through worship, Bible study, and obedience.  Together we are learning what it means to follow Jesus and live out His teaching.

Real Relationships:  LifeGroups are so much more than sitting in a classroom.  We need to be real and authentic with each other, but those relationships come through a life lived together.

Care For Others:  This means practical ways of living out Christ’s love by serving at St. Paul and in the Kodiak community.  The possibilities are endless, from involvement in our schools to preparing meals for someone in need, but the goal is to make service a way of life.

Grow Together:  We all know, anything living is either growing or dying.  This is why it is important for our LifeGroups to continue growing by reproducing.  We can do this by always being open to new people.  This is a life characterized by hospitality:  we care for the people in our LifeGroup and constantly welcome others.