Ways to Donate to our church:
Mail a check or drop off a check to the church. Office hours are Mon-Thurs 9:00 to noon.
Donate by PayPal
Donate through VANCO

The Bible has a lot to say about tithing and we encourage you to read it for yourself, pray about it, and come to your own understanding of what God is calling you to do with respect to tithing.  We believe that tithing is between you and God.

The staff at St.  Paul continue to work hard at keeping the office in good shape and creating wonderful, Christ-centered worship and music. 

The need for giving to your church continues. Ordinarily we would pass an offering plate at worship, but we’ve had to think of new ways for people to give to their church, at a time, when we aren’t coming together on Sunday mornings. 

God bless you and thank you!